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The guys from Limits of Approach took some time off to regroup.

Now with focus and determintation L.O.A is back and stronger than ever.

Watch out 2024! Limits of Approach has worked tirelessly as a team to put together this new album, they are ready to make that impact that the world has been waiting for.

Taking back their in-your-face hard rock, relighting the fuse with their west coast ska, then re-igniting that fist pumping metal; this new music that they have put together is life changing!

L.O.A will have all audiences pausing, turning up the volume, pressing repeat, and taking note. Every member of Limits of Approach surge their love of music into each song. This album is a hit from song 1 to song 14.

Still need some convincing? The band's tight musicianship and dynamic stage presence have earned them a reputation as one of the most thrilling bands in London.

I guarantee L.O.A will be added to your playlist rotation!

Be sure to check in to this website regularly to keep in the loop of new releases.

Check out it out!

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