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Join up some battled tested, hard rock punker's, then add the burning desire to crack London Ontario's music scene wide open; you get the band Limits of Approach.

With 3 of Channel 99's original band members, Limits of Approach added Dave to drums. Giving their sound a slight shift with their musical talent.

Limits of Approach have sought to forge and brand an infectious sound into the music scene. Take in-your-face hard rock, and fuse it with the west coast ska, then ignite fist pumping metal. Casting aside adversity and convention, L.O.A. puts their sound down on their debut Album "HANDS TIED".

With addictive hooks and harmonies that provoke the listeners emotions with razor like precision, and the overwhelming need to imprint the melody into their minds that leaves them humming, and air drumming.

Now, take the fireball energy of their live shows, LOA injects the crowd into exploding mosh pits like a rocket propelled grenade.

L.O.A continuously seek's to take their sound and performance to the highest levels of the industry and introduce the masse’s to a true, honest dose of their hard working music and dedication.

Check out it out!

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